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The order requires acceptance of the terms



Hyvinvointikylä Oy (business ID number 2859649-1)
Pääksniementie 50, 
03400 Vihti

("Wellness village")


Tero Pajunen, tel. +358 50 585 1500


These terms and conditions apply to the sale of Hyvinvointikylä's services ("Terms") to companies or entities ("Subscriber"). In the relationship between Hyvinvointikylä and the Subscriber, these Terms and Conditions apply to space rental and related services offered by Hyvinvointikylä to the Subscriber (for example catering, accommodation, guidance and expert services) and to agreements made between the parties, regardless of whether these Terms and Conditions have been referred to in connection with the purchase or commission of individual products, services . The parties must agree in writing on possible exceptions and/or additions to these Terms.


Hyvinvointikylä sends the Subscriber a written offer, which indicates the validity period of the offer. The reservation is made when the Customer accepts in writing the offer sent by Hyvinvointikylä. Confirmation of the reservation must be made no later than one month before the arrival date. If the reservation is made less than 2 weeks before the arrival date, it is considered a confirmed reservation.



Temporary malfunctions and outages necessary for the care, maintenance and repair of the property, notified to the Subscriber in advance, do not entitle the Subscriber to compensation or a reduction in the agreed space rent, if they are not caused by Hyvinvointikylä.


Hyvinvointikylä is not obliged to compensate for damage to the Subscriber's property or operations caused by the above-mentioned disruptions or interruptions, unless they are caused by Hyvinvointikylä's mistake or negligence.


The customer is obliged to ensure that the users of the rented space comply with the safety regulations regarding the use of the rented space at any given time, as well as what else has been established or prescribed to preserve health, cleanliness and order.


The subscriber is responsible at his own expense for the appropriate insurance of his own operations (including the usual liability insurance).


The customer is obliged to inform Hyvinvointikylä without delay about the defects and deficiencies of the leased premises, as well as the need for repairs. If the matter is not rectified, the customer can make a written complaint to Hyvinvointikylä. This must be done within a week of the end of the rental period. If the Tenant does not notify Hyvinvointikylä immediately during the rental period of any defects he/she has noticed, the premises are considered to be in condition according to the contract. Deficiencies reported only after the rental period cannot be identified together, and Hyvinvointikylä is not liable for compensation for them. In all situations, the customer has the right and obligation to take measures to prevent and limit immediate damage to the rented space.



Hyvinvointikylä will subsequently invoice the Customer for the agreed upon package at the agreed price, including space rent and catering as well as any other products and services that have been agreed upon with the Customer. The payment term is fourteen (14) days net from the date of the invoice sent to the Customer. The annual late payment interest is ten (10) percent.

When renting premises from November to March, to cover the costs, the winter heating supplement valid at the time is added to the price, unless the cost is already explicitly included in the space rent presented in the offer, which otherwise includes basic heating, usual utility electricity and water consumption, and waste management.


Any applicable value added tax is added to the prices of Hyvinvointikylä. If, after accepting the offer, there is a need to charge additional costs or raise prices, these are always separately agreed upon in writing.



Hyvinvointikylä is obliged to inform the Subscriber as soon as possible if there is a problem with the order. If the established problem or its solution causes significant harm to the Subscriber, Hyvinvointikylä is obliged to negotiate a possible compensation, which can be a discount from the order or, in the case of cancellation of the order due to Hyvinvointikylä, a refund of the portion of the order that may have already been paid to the Subscriber.


Hyvinvointikylä can use subcontractors and/or its own experts for the production/performance of products and services, whose activities Hyvinvointikylä is responsible for.


Hyvinvointikylä is not responsible for, and is not obligated to compensate, any damage or harm caused to the Subscriber that is caused by an unforeseeable force majeure or a similar reason (e.g. war, fire, decision of the authorities, natural phenomena, power cuts, etc.) that was not caused by Hyvinvointikylä, and the consequences of which Hyvinvointikylä could not reasonably have avoided or prevented. Hyvinvointikylä is also not responsible for damages or consequences caused by normal natural phenomena or other similar and unusual causes beyond Hyvinvointikylä's control.


Citing a critical health and/or safety risk, Hyvinvointikylä has the right to cancel the confirmed order completely or postpone the order to a better time without separate compensation. Hyvinvointikylä can also prevent the Subscriber's customer/representative from participating in a program that is too risky for them, citing safety.


The subscriber accepts these Terms when the reservation is made.


The customer is obliged to provide Hyvinvointikylä with correct and sufficient information and instructions in good time for the performance of the services related to space rental. The subscriber is responsible for the correctness and error-freeness of the information and instructions it gives to Hyvinvointikylä at any given time.


The tenant must, for his part, keep the space he rents and the surrounding area clean.


Participants in the Subscriber's group are subject to the Subscriber's or their personal accident insurance. We oblige the Subscriber to check and ensure in advance the coverage and adequacy of the insurance.


The subscriber must report the allergies, food restrictions and activity restrictions of the participants in their group individually, but anonymously. It is also the responsibility of the subscriber to inform the participants that there have been or are dogs present in the Wellness Village, so those with severe dog allergies cannot participate in the groups.



Hyvinvointikylä processes the personal data of the Subscriber's contact persons as it is currently validprivacy statementin accordance with.



Both parties, both Hyvinvointikylä and the Subscriber, undertake to keep confidential the materials and information received from the other party, which are marked as confidential or which must be understood as such.


Hyvinvointikylä has liability insurance covering its operations.


The customer fully compensates Hyvinvointikylä for the immediate damage it causes.


The parties are not responsible for any indirect or consequential damages, such as lost profit, damages payable to a third party, or damage resulting from a reduction or interruption of production or turnover.


The limitations of liability do not apply to damage that Hyvinvointikylä or the Subscriber, its customer or representative causes to Hyvinvointikylä or the Subscriber intentionally, through gross negligence.


A confirmed reservation can be transferred or canceled free of charge 2 weeks before the arrival date. After this, 30% of the total price of the order will be charged for cancellation, but always at least €200 (VAT 0%).


If Hyvinvointikylä has had time to incur costs for the canceled order, e.g. subcontracted services or catering purchases, these will be charged to the Customer according to the costs incurred by Hyvinvointikylä.

Finnish law applies to these Terms and Conditions.


Disagreements regarding these Terms and Conditions will primarily be resolved through negotiation, but if this is not possible, the competent court is the West Uusimaa district court as the first instance.


These Terms were last updated on 08.04.2022.

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