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Nature oriented working day

Forest Office is a work environment that supports creativity, community spirit and wellbeing. It enables calm, focused independent work as well as innovative teamwork. Forest Office increases the wellbeing of the body and mind during the working day, because the old wooden log house and the surrounding quiet nature help recovery and improve concentration.

Forest Office enables quick micro-breaks, which have been proven to increase work efficiency. Even a 10 minute break in the forest calms the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. From the yard area, you can directly access Pääkslahti's wonderful nature trails, and we also organize various indoor micro-break activities.


We are familiar with busy and multidimensional expert work. We want to offer your team ideas of new ways to take a break from work, and develop everyday operating models so that recovery is possible already during the working day. When you can concentrate better, you are more efficient, and thus you go home refreshed and energetic - both from our Forest Office and from your own office in the long run.

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