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A combination of productive work and improved wellbeing!
At a suitable distance from the capital region

Forest Office is located in the edge of the forest, less than an hour's drive from Helsinki city centre. The journey tunes you to a new frequency when, after the motorways, you drive through the old Vihti village, passing its beautiful church, and very soon you will turn to the well-maintained but winding Irjalantie, which transports you to rolling country landscapes in the middle of fields, the shores of Lake Hiidenvesi and forest scenery. You barely have time to catch your breath until you reach our yard.

Arrived - pleasant working

An atmospheric, approximately 300-square-meter hundred-year-old wooden log house awaits you in Hyvinvointikylä, with modern facilities for working, including wifi-connections, flipcharts and indoor toilets.

Be inspired to work efficiently in an environment that nurtures creativity, either as a whole team together or individually:

  • Gather together on the sofas & Fatboy's in the workshop space to share ideas

  • Work hard at the long and sturdy wooden tables in the dining area

  • Sit in the warmth of the fireplace wearing woolen socks with a mug of coffee

  • Divide into different workstations, such as a standing spot by the upstairs window, from which a country landscape opens up, or plan and think in peace while swinging in a hammock

Our fascinating yard allows you to work outside in a hammock, at a yard table, or even sitting on a grass field when the weather is good. A workshop path is also available, which we tailor for your team according to the needs. Outside, you literally dive into the nature, and the fresh air makes your thoughts fly.

Outdoor workshop
Micro-breaks help you to recover during your day

In the Forest Office, we want to raise the importance of recognizing one's own state of alertness and level of stress by becoming aware of the micro-breaks positive effects on the functionality and quality of working results.

Micro-breaks function as a restorative counterbalance to focused and efficient work. You can choose a preferred micro-break when it is best suitable for your own work, or ask the Forest Office staff to remind you of them according to the agreed schedule. During the break, you leave the workplace for a short while and give your mind time to ventilate. This increases work productivity and restores both body and mind already during the working day.

We offer voluntary, easy, nature- or body & mind assisted break activities, from which everyone can choose the one that suits them. Activities are, for example, using your senses, brain nuts, breathing, body care, something expressive or physical. They can be done either inside or outside, depending on your mood and the weather.

Time for a break
A tasty lunch and, of course, coffee are served

The Forest Office morning starts with coffee or tea - with a short stop and orientation to the new place before the day's toil. During the day, coffee, tea and snacks are available to keep the energy level optimal for productive work.

The lunch time gives you the opportunity to loosen up, enjoy and discuss freely about things other than work. It is an important break in the middle of the day, and guarantees work efficiency for the rest of the day. We take care of the food on the table - all you have to do is arrive at our atmospheric dining room.

Lunch served
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